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yan fei From China
 hey,girls,i am a college student studying in Xi 'an university of posts and telecommunications,i am interested in foreign people and things,i eager to chat with yours,add me if what you think just like me .

Ray From China
 hi everyone, I hope to be your penpal, I like reading,calligraphy,translation and travele. now I am living in changsha ,very hot in summer and cold in winter.if you have any problems or good idea,we can discuss together.I am here wait for you:

Ben From Japan
 Hey there.
I'm a french student in Japan.
I wanna learn mandarin and meet some chinese people :)
I already been to China and I really loved !
I have Skype and QQ. Just ask :D

See you

Julia Rose From United States
 Hi, my name is Julia Rose. I'm 16 years old and I've been self teaching myself Chinese for the past few months. I have completely fallen in love with it. I watch everything in Chinese, speak Chinese whenever I can, and learn about it every single day. I take classes online and at a Chinese Academy and want to become fluent in the language. Because it's only been a couple months, I can only speak at a beginner level and want to keep practicing until I can get much better. I hope you can help me on my journey. I am willing to help anyone with English, too.

Sabina From United Kingdom
 Hi, the names Sabz. I've always had a dream about travelling the world but have realised that its somewhat impossible. So i'd like to meet and get to know people from all over the world and especially from countries that i would definitely like to visit insha'Allah. Countries like China, Egypt, Tunisia, Dubai etc etc.. So please get in touch with me, you guys can e-mail me at Feel free to say hi anytime, don't worry i don't bite :D

Rhiannon From United Kingdom
 Hello! I come from England and really want to learn languages ^^

Andry From Indonesia
 Hi, I am Andry. I want to learn Mandarin from this community. I also open to whom want to learn Indonesian language.

lcl From China
hi~I am an 18 years old senior hagh school student,I am chinese.I hope to make friends with foreign friends,if you want to make friend with me too,contact me!thanks~

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